April 04 2013 Thursday at 02:17 PM

Fox & Lion bread at Merch!

If you've been by the shop in the last several weeks, you may have noticed a new and delicious addition - Fox & Lion bread! Local baker Xan deVoss offers a weekly bread subscription service that can be picked up on Thursdays at three locations around the city, including our very own Merch. Xan crafts her tasty Fox & Lion loaves using local, organic grains following her belief that "the best ingredients make the best bread." Try a loaf and we're sure you'll agree!

A primarily self-taught baker after a week-long class in Vermont, Xan has developed around 10 recipes, with a strong focus on various grains and natural leavening processes, as well as a nod to classic cultural breads. She also mills a percentage of grain fresh for each batch that she bakes, as it preserves the bread's natural enzymes. That's dedication!

Xan says, "For me, what started out as an idea to switch my bartender hours to accomodate my family has become a true passion for the idea of bread as a lifeforce for community and a fascination with the process of combining four ingredients to produce a hand crafted product that strenghtens community."

Sign up for a weekly Fox & Lion bread subscription - it's only $20 a month! - at http://foxandlionbread.com/. Merch will also feature a "bread box" on upcoming Thursdays, where the curious or non-committal can enjoy bread tastings with Xan herself, and take home a loaf to try ($6 for the regular size, and $3 for the small) before signing up for a subscription. We'll also have a jar or two of delicious, local INNA jam to taste - it's an amazing accompaniment to Fox & Lion bread! We'll keep you posted on the date of the bread box's first official appearance on our Facebook page